Christian Nationalism Explained

First Informed Faith Series (IFS) was presented on February 12, 2023 on the topic “Christian Nationalism.”

Please use the resources below to learn more about this topic and to connect our faith with what is happening in our world.


Poll: A third of Americans are Christian nationalists and most are white evangelicals (Religion News Service)

What is Christian Nationalism (Preston Trail Community Church)

What Is Christian Nationalism? (Christianity Today)

What is Christian nationalism? (From UMC Rethink Church blog)

America is a Christian Nation (Sermon by Dr. Robert Jeffress)

The Rise of Christian Nationalism (Council on Foreign Relations)

Christian nationalism is a danger to our nation (by Marvin McMickle via Baptist News Global)

The Many Faces of Christian Nationalism (by John D. Wilsey via Law & Liberty)

45% of Americans Say U.S. Should Be a “Christian Nation” (Pew Research Center)

Interview Notes with Author Alisa Childers (via Apologetics)

Christian Nationalists – Wanting to put God into US Government (BBC)

Christian Nationalism Distorts American and Christian Values (Insider)

Christian Nationalism: Heresy or Hype? (The Gospel Coalition)

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